Sending SMS Campaigns is the best way to promote your business, advertise your products, educate and keep your subscribers engaged with your brand. To maximize your ROI we recommend sending a monthly range of 4-8 campaigns. If you are not convinced, check out this blog post about messaging frequency.

How to set up an SMS Campaign?

Go to One-off Flows, Click on SMS Campaigns and click Create new.

You will be redirected to the editor. Here you can customize the default message on the left side and create your campaign settings on the right side of the page.

Message customization

Make your messages more appealing by including images and GIFs, learn how in this article.

Add a discount code to incentivize your subscribers. You can either add a general discount, that is static for every subscriber or a unique discount code that is dynamic for every subscriber. This article explains how to add a general discount code, and this article explains how to add a unique discount code to your messages.

To make sure your campaigns are compliant with text marketing regulations, keep the Site Name at the beginning of the message. In addition, we recommend adding the opt-out language at the end of every third campaign. You can learn more about Text Marketing Compliance here.

Once your message is ready, you can move on to the settings.

Campaign settings

Give your campaign a name. This is a necessary step in order to save your campaign as a draft if you would like to edit it later, and in order to send a test message as well.

The default audience of the campaign will be all your subscribers, but you can select certain segments in the ‘Send to’ field whom you want to target with the message. You can also exclude segments by adding them to the ‘Don’t send to’ field. In both cases, multiple segments can be selected. Once it is done, you will be able to see the estimated number of subscribers who will receive the message.

You can learn more about creating segments in this article.

You have two options regarding the time when you want to send your campaign. You can send it either immediately, or you can schedule it for a later date and hour. Scheduled campaigns will be sent according to your store’s time zone.

Sending options are by default turned on, you can choose to turn them off by moving the toggle per campaign but we do not recommend it. These options make sure you do not bother your subscribers.

Smart sending - 8 hours means that a subscriber can not get multiple campaigns within 8 hours. Quiet hours from 8:00 PM to 9:00 AM means campaigns will not be delivered in this timeframe, they will be delayed and will be delivered once the Quiet hours end. You can change the default time settings on the SMS Settings Page.

Learn more about this feature in this article.

When your campaign is ready to be scheduled or sent, you will need to click on Review & Send button in the upper right corner. Double-check the campaign data in the overview section and check the cost estimation. If everything looks good, click on the Schedule campaign or the Send campaign button, depending on your previous sending setting.

Campaign Statistics

Campaign Statistics are displayed separately for each Campaign on the One-off flows page.

These statistics are accumulated for each message when the campaign has multiple message items. Let’s see what they mean one by one.👇

  • Status - The Status will show the current state of the campaign. Campaigns can have 4 statuses which are: Draft, Scheduled, Sending, and Sent. Learn more about them in this article.

  • Sent - The Sent column will show how many subscribers received the message.

  • Spent - The Spent column will show how much the campaign cost.

  • ROI - The ROI column will show the ratio between your spending and the sales that were generated.

  • Sales - The Sales column will show the value of all purchases that came from the campaign.

  • Opt-out rate: Opt-out rate shows the percentage of users who unsubscribed after receiving the message. It is the ratio between unsubscribed users and all recipients.

In case the flow consists of multiple messages, these statistics are accumulated. Per message statistics are displayed in the editor.

Besides, an additional metric is available if you open the view-only editor of your sent campaigns. We display CTR per message, which is the ratio between the subscribers who clicked on a link within the message and the total number of subscribers who received the message.

Note: One subscriber’s clicks will count as 1 click even if there were multiple links within the message and the subscriber clicked on all of them.

In the same view, in the view-only editor of sent campaigns, you will be able to check what discount code was used within the message. Hover the cursor over the discount code link and the information will be displayed in the box.

You can also check the Spam rate of each sent campaign. Find it on the right side of the view-only editor. The Spam rate shows how many percent of the messages have been flagged as spam.

SMS messages can be flagged as spam by the carriers. The reason behind this is connected to SMS Compliance. For example, there was no Site name in the message, or there was no opt-out language. For further information about compliance check out this article.

If you have any remaining questions, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Support team.

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