You must have heard about the Facebook changes where they are removing the pre-checked state for good. For this very reason, we felt that Recart has to create new tools which are as effective as the pre-checked Messenger Widget was. These new features are called opt-in tools. 🎉

What does "opt-in tool" mean? 

Opt-in tools tools are serving the purpose of collecting and keeping Facebook subscribers based on trust not for a short period of time but for a long term. Communication is the key to everything. These tools will build a huge number of subscribers for your Facebook page by simply starting a conversation with your customers. 👍 You can easily start a conversation with your customers with our new Welcome Popup and other tools, like the Customer Chat, Sticky Discount Box, Order Page Subscription and other cool tools for Messenger.

What's the new Welcome Popup?

We created a new kind of mobile popup with a button which is connected to an link that triggers a custom conversation flow in Messenger. Currently this is our most effective tool to collect Messenger subscribers on your store with an average of 15% opt-in rate 🚀

You can learn more about it in this article or you can check it our on your Opt-in Tools page.

What's new with the Customer Chat

Our improved Customer Chat will provide visitors with some topic hints, which will help them to get in touch with you. Here they are:

  • Need help with finding an item? 🔎 

  • Interested in free shipping? 🚢 

  • Curious about our current discount? 💰 

Once they send a message to your Facebook page via the Customer Chat, they will be instantly subscribed. You can check your current subscribers on your Subscribers' page. 🙌 

Of course, you can customize the topic hints you want to show to your visitors to suit your brand voice.

What's a Sticky Discount Box

One of the most effective ways to grow your Messenger subscriber list instantly is to provide some sort of discount to your customers.

While our previous Discount Widget only appeared on product pages, under the Add to Cart button, this brand new Sticky Discount Box will show up on all of your pages, reaching a much larger audience. With this awesome tool, you can expect a huge amount of new subscribers as they will receive a discount code, in exchange for ticking the Messenger box. 🚀 

Why use the Order Page Subscription?

This new opt-in tool will provide a truly powerful technique to increase your subscriber base. If you ever worried about ruining conversion with different popups, this is the subscription tool you've been waiting for.

With the Order Page Subscription, you'll collect subscribers after your customers made the purchase.

After your customers finished their purchase, they can subscribe to your Facebook page, and they can receive your Messenger Fulfillment Notification or a Messenger Welcome message. 

What's more, you can send them additional discounts or up-sell offers. 💪 


These opt-in tools will help you build a meaningful relationship with your customers and also will help you to keep a strong and loyal Messenger audience

The whole world is heading towards a conversation based communication, thus subscribers are getting more and more valuable. Can't wait to see your store prosper from these new opt-in tools. 🚀

If you have any questions, requests or comments, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team, we are more than happy to help. 🤩

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